Commercial Property Claims


Your business is your livelihood. It supports both you and the ones you love the most. When your commercial property is damaged, it can disrupt your ability to transact business, requiring quick action on your part to either temporarily or permanently relocate your business or to engage qualified professionals to quickly repair your commercial property. While it is only natural to act quickly, acting quickly without expert advice regarding your insurance claim can result in you settling for far less than you are entitled to. Often times, given the pressure to repair the property and restore your business’ ability to operate, critical evidence required to present your claim is lost in the shuffle.

Thus, it is often critical for an insured business owner to immediately act to retain the proper experts to help him investigate and document his losses and to assist him/her with his/her claim, while he/she is attending to their day-to-day operation of their business.

Depending on your coverage, commercial insurance policies may compensate you for:

(a) damage to your commercial building(s), equipment, fixtures, materials, inventory, and machinery;
(b) business interruption;
(c) increased costs attributable to continuing/relocating your business;
(d) ordinary payroll;
(e) lost rents;
(f) etc.

Often times, these policies are much more complex than residential policies and give the commercial property owner many potential available coverages that they might not even know they purchased.

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