Residential Property Claims

Residential Property Claims

For most, our homes are our most valuable asset.  Suffering damage to your home and/or personal property can be at best, stressful and at worst, life-altering for you as a property owner.   Hopefully, after a loss your insurance company will treat you fairly.  However, when they don’t policyholders should not attempt to negotiate with sophisticated insurance companies alone, without involving the proper experts who have superior knowledge of the insurance industry.  Insurance law is not common knowledge and it is not commonly taught in high school or college.  Should a homeowner attempt to “go it alone” they are risking being unable to afford repairing their home to its pre-loss condition.  Our insurance attorneys are former industry insiders, who combined have represented numerous insurance companies for over 50 years.  Let us even the playing field for you.

Depending on your coverages, residential insurance policies may compensate you for:

(a) damage to your home/dwelling;
(b) damage to your personal property;
(c) damage to your out buildings and/or fences or walls;
(d) loss of use of the property; and
(e) law and ordinance upgrades[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Let us help you determine what you may be entitled to today.

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