Community Association Insurance Claims


When property owned or maintained by an association is damaged, the directors of the association and its property manager are typically charged with the duty to handle the insurance claim process. Most directors of an association, property managers and/or even the community association’s attorneys have little familiarity with insurance policies and the claim’s process.  Many have neither the time, much less the expertise, to undertake the complexities of handling the association’s insurance claim.

Our firm works alongside your association directors, property managers, and their current attorneys to guide the association through the complexities of handling a condo/community association claim.  If this process if not handled properly, it can open up the directors, property managers and others to liability for breach of their fiduciary duty or other duties under Florida statutes or their governing documents.

If your community has suffered a loss, we can help.  Simply call us at (239) 703-7210 or click here to contact us through this site.

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