Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle Accidents


We can answer your questions and provide the support and strong representation you need to handle claims involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death.

Individuals who’ve been seriously injured by the negligent or wrongful actions of others have their lives turned upside down. In addition to physical injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other expenditures will frequently put additional pressure on these people and leave them with many unanswered questions. At Vishio Watkins & Forry PLLC, our Florida Personal injury attorneys are here to answer those questions.


Our personal injury lawyers provide skilled representation for all types of negligence cases.

This includes:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — From car crashes to complicated private airplane crashes, we handle the full range of vehicle accident cases.
  • Premises liability — If you were injured by a dangerous property condition, we can help you pursue full and fair compensation. This includes not only slip-and-fall accidents, but also negligent security and other cases.
  • Wrongful death — In general, a wrongful death claim is one in which it is alleged that someone died as a result of another’s negligence. We understand what a difficult time this is in your life and are there for you.


Brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Burn injuries
Individuals who’ve been seriously injured by the negligent or wrongful actions of others have their lives turned upside down.


The law office of Vishio Forry represents clients injured in auto accidents such as:

  • Car crashes
  • Truck wrecks
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Boat accidents
  • Pedestrian knockdowns
  • Bicycle accidents


With new developments, high-rises, hotels and tourist attractions being built all the time, Florida’s human landscape is constantly under construction. The natural result of this is that accidents are going to happen. While most construction accident cases in Florida enable injured workers to seek only workers’ compensation benefits, many others involve defective products or negligence by people other than employers and co-workers.

Talk about your accident with an experienced construction accident lawyer from our firm and find out what your legal rights and options might be.


Losing someone you love is never easy. When you’ve lost him or her needlessly because of the negligent actions of another, the grieving and personal recovery processes are even harder to go through. Close friends and family can help a great deal — so can experienced attorneys who can answer your questions and won’t let the negligence of those responsible go unchallenged.

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