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Protect Policy Holder Rights In Florida

Protect Policyholder Rights in Florida

Protect Policyholder Rights In Florida

HB305, SB76, and the related companion bills will not fix Florida’s alleged insurance crisis. These bills are in the current legislative session and could go into effect this year. Lawmakers need to hear from policyholders NOW on the negative impacts of SB76, HB 305, and related legislation. Fill out this form to connect with Florida lawmakers make sure your rights are protected. You’ll be able to send a tailored message in less than 60 seconds to your elected officials.

Florida policyholders should not have to pay MORE for LESS coverage.

The proposed legislation will have no immediate impact on premiums nor will it stop lawsuits against carriers. Instead, these bills give unrestrained power to big insurance companies and will allow them to reduce coverage, underpay claims and avoid any consequences for doing so. If these bills pass, Florida policyholders will be forced to pay out-of-pocket for covered damage and have little protection from bad faith practices.

    • The proposed roof reimbursement schedule will force policyholders to pay thousands in out of pocket costs for covered damage
    • The proposed attorney fee payment schedule incentives carriers to underpay claims
    • The proposed 2-year claim time limit will allow insurers to deny valid claims 
  • Policyholders will have little recourse to hold insurance companies accountable 
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