A Storm Is Coming…

This has been anything but a typical year, but in some ways, in the closing months, it will prove to be just like many others in the past for Florida residents, whether full-time or seasonal. We will get hit by a storm, or two, or three, or more, and Mother Nature will not be to blame for all of them. Hurricanes and even tornados are an unfortunate way of life, and so is the denial by insurance carriers of legitimate claims for roofing damage and/or water damage brought by homeowners or business owners in the aftermath of these natural disasters. We all know by now how to prepare for storms caused by wind and rain, but what about the “storm” caused when your insurance carrier ignores its responsibilities under your policy for which you paid hard earned money?

Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Insurance carriers place their financial interests ahead of the interests of their policyholder, whether they will admit it or not. Think it can never happen to you? We have heard that from hundreds of our clients who have had their claims denied, delayed, or low balled before they come to us for legal representation. They are victimized twice, but that can be avoided by proactive means, such as documenting your damages through repair estimates, photographs and video and by calling us as soon as a loss occurs. Our business is to stay one step ahead of the insurance companies and its adjusters, engineers and others who make their money from saving the insurance company money at the expense of you, the policyholder. We know their tricks, and just as important, they know that we know their tricks. We are professional, experienced, and aggressive in handling your claim, so let us go to work for you.

Avoid being damaged twice by the same storm. There is no fee for consultations and we only get paid if you do. We will be pleased to provide you with details when you call, but remember, any delay only benefits the insurance carrier.

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